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Under federal and state laws, employees have a right to be paid all their hard-earned wages within a reasonable timeframe. When employers fail to honor this legal requirement, they might face lawsuits over unpaid wages and overtime.

There are various common grounds for a worker to claim unpaid wages. For example, you can file a lawsuit against your former or current employer if they commit any of the following wage violations:

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In addition to these types of unpaid wages, an employer may have to pay liquidated damages and lawyer’s fees.

Vulnerable industries

Wage theft is a common problem in various industries. However, some jobs and industries rank high in exposing workers to a greater risk of wage theft. The most affected employees include offshore workers, industrial workers, oil field workers, call center agents, bartenders, dancers, hotel & hospitality workers, restaurant waiters & servers, and truck drivers.

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Seeking legal assistance from unpaid wages lawyer

The wage claim process is complex, and there are overtime exceptions that might apply to your case. Therefore, it is worth finding a lawyer for unpaid wages to steer you in the right direction. With an experienced overtime lawyer by your side, it is easy to determine if your employer has violated any state or federal provisions.

Typically, the journey for recovering your unpaid wages and other penalties starts with requesting a free case evaluation. Once you explain the issue to the overtime lawyer, they will tell if you have a strong case worth the effort and walk you through the possible options for challenging your employer’s misconduct.

The lawyer will then inform you of the quickest, most efficient, and cost-effective way to pursue your claim. Leveraging their knowledge and expertise is a great way to swing the odds in your favor.

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