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If your employer is withholding your hard-earned compensation for the excess hours that you worked, it’s imperative that you understand the Massachusetts overtime laws and how they affect you.

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When it comes to Massachusetts labor laws, overtime,  employees are protected by two sets of laws. They include the Federal government’s Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Massachusetts Overtime Wage Act. Both state that, unless exempted, an employee must be paid overtime after working 40 hours in a single workweek.

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Overtime Mistakes Commonly Made by Companies in Massachusetts

There are, unfortunately, many mistakes being made by employers when it comes to Massachusetts overtime laws. Some of the worst include:

  • Classifying employees improperly to avoid paying them overtime.
  • Demanding that they work either before or after a shift without pay.
  • Refusing overtime pay if authorization wasn’t granted first.
  • Calculating hours based on a specific pay period rather than by workweek.
  • Demanding that an employee work over their lunch break.

Some Salaried Workers in Massachusetts Are Entitled To Overtime Pay

When it comes to overtime laws in Massachusetts, many employers pay their salaried workers incorrectly (or illegally). The fact is, there are many types of salaried employees who still qualify for overtime pay. 

In Massachusetts, mandatory overtime laws state that employees who perform specific duties must be paid overtime after 40 hours. A ‘duties test’ can determine if this is indeed the case. 

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Overtime Pay in Massachusetts is Normally 1.5 Times Regular Pay

Like the FLSA, any employee in Massachusetts should rightfully be paid 1.5 times their regular pay after working 40 hours in a workweek. One problem, however, is that determining ‘regular pay’ can sometimes be complicated. That’s why, in many cases, seeking legal help from a qualified Massachusetts overtime lawyer is necessary.

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