How to Sue Your Employer for Unpaid Wages

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It is unfortunate that many employers consistently resort to cynical dodges to avoid paying wages or other employment incentives that workers are entitled to receive.

When the wage-dodging companies face wage grievances from employees, they usually threaten to take negative actions against them. However, you need to understand that any form of retaliation for filing an unpaid wage claim is illegal.

If your employer does not adhere to wage requirements established under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), you can sue them for unpaid wages. In addition to back pay, you may also recover liquidated damages and attorney’s fees.

Unpaid wages can arise in several circumstances, including when an employer:

· Pays below the federal or state minimum wage
· Fails to pay overtime wages
· Pays overtime but not at the overtime premium rate
· Does not pay overtime each week
· Intentionally misclassifies employees to avoid overtime
· Makes unauthorized deductions from wages
· Fails to pay employees for all the hours they spend on tasks that benefit the company.

Options to Sue Employer for Unpaid Wages

If launching an internal complaint with the HR department does not work, you have two options to explore:

1. File a claim through the Wage and Hour Division (WHD).
2. File a private lawsuit against your employer.

Filing a Claim through the Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

There are Wage and Hour Division offices across all states in the U.S. Each office has trained professionals to help you pursue your unpaid wages claim. They will investigate your case and determine if the employer violated any labor laws.

When the WHD professionals find wage violations, they will collect all the back wages that an employer owes you. Once the employer has paid the wages, you will receive a notification from the WHD to claim your money.

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Filing a Private Lawsuit against Your Employer

When the wage dispute is large and complex, it is best to hire an unpaid wage attorney to represent you even though the WHD can sue the employer on your behalf.

An experienced attorney can help you gather essential documents to support your case. Also, they will ensure the claim gets settled quickly.

If necessary, the lawyer can represent you in court to recover unpaid wages and liquidated damages, plus their legal fees.

Do You Need An Unpaid Wages Attorney?

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