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At our firm, we specialize in representing workers who are deprived of their overtime pay. While other firms are employment generalists, The Hedgpeth Law Firm, PC only handles overtime cases. Other firms can't match our level of expertise.

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Travis Hedgpeth, the sole-practitioner at The Hedgpeth Law Firm, PC, graduated at J.D., Gould School of Law, University of Southern California, and affiliations include the Houston Bar Association & State Bar of Texas.

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If you're experiencing unfair treatment from a current or previous employer call us at (281) 572-0727. We work on a contingency fee basis. If we lose, we don't get paid. If we win, we get paid out of the award or settlement.

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Travis Hedgpeth

Travis Hedgpeth, the sole – practitioner of The Hedgpeth Law Firm, PC, has dedicated his practice to helping employees that haven’t been paid proper overtime. Whether under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) or wage-and-hour laws at the state level, our goal is to hold employers across the country accountable for wage theft.

The Hedgpeth Law Firm, PC, is located in Houston, TX, but serves clients throughout the country. If you’re experiencing unfair treatment from a current or previous employer, schedule a free case evaluation with overtime lawyer, Travis Hedgpeth, today.

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